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Sandra Stanley &
Allie Stanley Cooney


8 Mother-Daughter Conversations about Life and Faith

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Sandra Stanley and her daughter Allie Stanley Cooney have joined forces in their new book, Meet Me in the Middle: 8 Mother-Daughter Conversations about Life and Faith. This book guides moms to a loving, trusting relationship with their tween and teen daughters as they grow closer, seek God together, and enjoy each other along the way.​


Meet Me in the Middle features eight chapters written by Sandra for moms, and the corresponding eight chapters written by Allie for daughters. In the middle of the book is a section with questions, activities, and ideas about each topic to foster open communication, have a bit of fun, and create a deeper understanding between moms and their girls.


​Sandra and Allie draw from their combined decades of student ministry, and from their personal journey walking through Allie’s middle and high school years together. They know firsthand that navigating the internal struggles teen girls face is not for the faint of heart, especially in the current cultural climate.

In a recent interview, Sandra said, “Our goal with moms and daughters, is to help them prepare ahead of time for the potential tensions. The best time to talk is when drama is low and the temperature is down. These are the environments where we can have conversations that lead our girls to the place where their faith informs every area of their lives and their decision making.”


Sandra and Allie believe that leveraging intentional opportunities to connect and to talk through these sometimes tricky teen topics is a major key to navigating them successfully. That’s what this book hopes to accomplish.

Release Date: August 27, 2024 Print length: 256 pages Publisher: Zondervan Author: Sandra Stanley and Allie Stanley Cooney Available Formats: Paperback, Audiobook, Ebook Language: English ISBN13: 9780310368670

Meet Me in the Middle outlines eight planned opportunities to have comfortable discussions with daughters about topics moms care about most:

  • Laying a faith foundation

  • Finding identity and self-worth in Christ

  • Avoiding the comparison trap

  • Navigating family relationships

  • Navigating relationships with friends and boys

  • Facing fears

  • Dealing with stress and pressure

  • Making decisions

We're only as happy as our core relationships are healthy. We're only as content as our core relationships are mutually satisfying.

From Meet Me in the Middle


Sandra Stanley & Allie Cooney

Sandra Stanley received her Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Tech and Master of Arts from Dallas Theological Seminary. Sandra has a heart for foster kids and foster families, as she and Andy have been foster parents since 2010. Her ministry passion is promoting foster care in the local church. Much of her time these days is spent working on various writing projects and continuing her involvement with Fostering Together, the foster care initiative of North Point Ministries.

Allie Cooney graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Communication. She completed the North Point Residency program and simultaneously earned a Masters of Christian Education degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. With a decade worth of experience in guiding students along their spiritual journeys, Allie is passionate about empowering middle, high school, and college students to embrace a life devoted to following Jesus wholeheartedly. Allie has a heart for middle school and high school students and can often be spotted at any number of local coffee shops pouring into girls in those seasons of life.



Available Formats

  • Paperback

  • Audiobook

  • Ebook

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